Home Moving Service

Perfect for homes of two bedrooms or more

Home Moving Service London

Dependable, Expert & Reasonably Priced.

Rutherfords works hard to help you and make moving home stress free. We simplify your moving process so you can get on with your daily life knowing we’ve got you covered.

Rutherfords of London pride ourselves in delivering a professional and highly skilled service. Aswell as being friendly, polite and surprisingly intelligent, we are also very skilled and exceptionally hard working. Our team has years of experience collectively and know what they are doing. All our vans come with plenty of straps and protective blankets so we can ensure your belongings are secure and well protected in transit.

Whether it is a domestic move, an office re-location or a specialist move, we have the solutions to address YOUR needs.

With the basic removals service, you take care of the packing and we take care of the moving. You box up your belongings prior to the move. We carefully and skillfully load your belongings into the trucks using blankets and ropes where necessary, drive them to your chosen location, and unload them exactly where you want them.

We will happily disassemble and reassemble furniture on request. Naturally many people prefer to handle the packing themselves. This provides you with an excellent opportunity to filter out some of their unwanted bits and pieces that you may not care to see re surfacing in your new residence.

With the comprehensive house removals service, we pack all your belongings a day or so before your move using packing materials provided by us.

We then move them as we would in the basic service and to finish, we unpack your belongings as well if requested.

The comprehensive home removal service is ideal for customers who don’t fancy spending many long hours up to their necks in packing boxes and bubble wrap, whilst sorting through a lifetimes collection of belongings.

Coming from a more objective angle, an experienced team of removal men can generally pack in a matter of hours what could take you days or even weeks to accomplish. The comprehensive service is also ideally suited to those of you with demanding work schedules and engagements that prevent you from being present during the move, or for those of you that simply prefer to get as far away as possible while the move is in progress.

Whichever option you decide to go with, we’ve got your back and will help and be with you every inch of the way. Start your move with making the right choice.